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How the Light Gets In

Heading to Hay for How The Light Gets in this weekend. Really looking forward to a bit of Welsh sunshine (too much to ask?) 

Here's what's going on:

Letting Go Ours is a consumer society. We work in order to buy, and measure our success in possessions. Is this a tragic error? Should we seek to free ourselves from our attachment to material things as a route to true happiness, or is this just an opiate for the unsuccessful?

I'm reminded of this poster I saw recently at the White Mulberries cafe near Tower Bridge.

I'm joined by Chairman

Posted on May 28, 2013, in the Journal section

Standardize All School Half Terms

I wonder if David Cameron’s cabinet had more women, as his wife Samantha points out needs to be higher up on his to-do list if we wouldn’t have this mad situation of different half terms.

Let’s be clear. It is great to spend time, one on one, with one child, as I did last week when my son was on half term and my daughters were not. We went go-karting, we went to the Science Museum and did a Hidden City trail. We

Posted on Feb 21, 2013, in the Articles section

For America, is the best yet to come?

Seven Hills Debate – 21st January 2013, The Corinthia, London

The good folks at Seven Hills asked me to speak on a panel kicking off President Obama’s second term. It was an incredibly stimulating evening.

Here’s a little write up of the event. They also produced a cracking video .

British American Project fellow Edie Lush featured on a high-profile panel last week, debating Barack Obama’s second-term prospects at an event organized by campaigning communications company Seven Hills.

She joined a panel drawn from media and business, including Spectator Editor Fraser Nelson, Ariadne Capital founder Julie Meyer, Vanity Fair London editor Henry Porter, and BBC

Posted on Feb 17, 2013, in the Journal section

Go East

Accenture’s Peter Lacy & Boston Consulting Group’s Janmejaya Sinha tell me that the future is millenial, urban, Asian & by 2030 a market worth $7 trillion.

I was struck by the vibrancy, the drive and the spirit of Vietnam while I was there for a week last year for Johnnie Walker & Hub Culture’s Keep Walking event . There was hardly a whiff of recession; rather everyone I met spoke about opportunity.

The last few days at Hub Davos reminded me of the realization that the future – at least during my lifetime

Posted on Feb 4, 2013, in the Articles section

This was written for Hub Culture

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